Dear black Child,

Young as I am, growing up amidst many challenges with one of them being fighting to make a name and to become what I have always dreamt of, looking around and sometimes the success of peers holding the “you are not doing enough” and “you are not good enough”, disparity is imperative and I bet you also have had that feeling in our epoch filled with competition. Am so hopeful that as you read these lines, I might have just triggered a few memories from deep within you.

Newsflash, we all get to experience this and it’s not strange. Even those you admire, and aspire to be have these depressingly repressive moments. As a young millennial, we are being pushed more, not by our desires but, by what makes us feel like we are. Unfortunately, we may fall prey to the pressure and desire to belong and be seen. Young kings and queens divorce with their dreams in the name of slaying and drip.

Today is not the day to be sad despite opening this read as such; a little darkness is relevant to show beauty of the candle. Amidst all the pressures I must admit that I am impressed by the hunger for success the young black Child has. It is a drive like no other and it is more now than ever before. We have more young ones shooting their shots at dreams that they only saw or read about. We have more going at it despite all the negatives.

But walk with me. In all this, my statement goes to you young dreamer; you’re not alone in this as we all are dreaming and am inspired so much by you. Everything that you do makes me more excited and energized to do more. Know that every step of the way you have a fan that is cheering you up. You are exactly what you need to be and you are destined for greatness.

As you wake up each morning, thank God and thank yourself for always fighting for what you believe in. You’re special and very unique.

God bless you,

Your number 1 fan

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