So, on Easter morning, I woke up, rushing into town to run a few errands and fix my tv which had just went off. Coming from the capital City of a third world country, you well know it’s hard getting by to meet the right personnel to fix your stuff. Driving around the city, I noticed my car wasn’t firing well; a factor that gave a signal of low fuel. After parking around one shopping complex in city center, I noticed the car wouldn’t start and I cranked it so many times. Then, I went to get fuel in my jerry can and I topped up. After a few cranks, it had life and it started. I drove back home and my heart was not at peace my long time love affair with the German machine was hanging by the thread. What could be the cause of the lost vibe in this prestigious German machine?

Arriving home, I checked the machine and, Alas! My car was mixing oil and water. My heart broke and I almost fell into tears 😭. What could possibly be wrong?? Why now? I quickly did what I could to establish the severity of the problem but it had gone deep in; too deep. What a sad Good Friday! I quickly braced myself of what could become of my Mercedes w202 1998 c-class model. 

The day felt so ruined that I almost gave up until I popped in to my Instagram account where, scrolling through, I bumped into @mercedesbenz_de and their post brought hope to my poor soul. It was the Mercedes AMG GT 63s. The caption was in Dutch or German but, nevertheless, the light in my soul compelled me to comment in the photo. And my comment did read “I will drive this, take this screenshot @meecedesbenz_de” . After a few moments of relief and joy, I was surprised when @mercedesbenz_de replied to my comment saying, “ That’s great news @joshua_mwendo. Where will you drive it?”

I was like kaboom! My favorite car maker is talking to me! Like a child on a Christmas day, receiving gifts, I had great joy; the joy so compelling that I took screenshots of the reply and showed my friends. It felt like I just won an Oscar or a Grammy. This made my day even more brighter and excited. And, probably these guys at Mercedes Benz don’t even know who I am but the fact that they could spare a moment to reply to me meant everything to me at this moment. It was like getting a shout out from your favourite celebrity on twitter.

Nevertheless, I learnt a few things from this experience that have made an impression for a lifetime. The first of these impressions that have left an indelible mark is respect for followers and fans on social media; an important component for any brand’s affirmation of a positive image as well as good Public Relations (PR). At the moment, I have little to care whether your car makes breakfast, lunch or dinner insofar as it will never be compared to    how Mercedes Benz made me feel as the most important follower on Instagram today. The fact that they could reply to my comment, I felt very much respected as their follower and I will always follow them. 

The second most important component is that they just retained a customer for life. Any day, I will drive a Mercedes and buy one. If I can’t afford the high end models, I will make sure I afford an automobile from Mercedes Benz AG. Even my kids will know why they should drive a Mercedes.

The third most important component is that they just won loyalty from one simple reply. I will ensure being loyal to Mercedes and represent them wherever I am. It’s either Mercedes or nothing. They have shown me respect for who I am; I can’t help it but to be loyal. 

Lastly, the very fact that I could interact with Mercedes as a person on Instagram has just made me feel included in their family and, to me, nothing is important compared to family in as far as “I am because we are.” From where I come, some things are for certain people but today, Mercedes has made me feel I am worth their brand. 

Today, Mercedes has made special of my day and I promise to drive the Mercedes German and be an ambassador.

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  • Temwani Jeffrey Luhanga
    Posted on April 20, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Nice read !love how you have articulated important concepts on PR and branding

    • Joshua
      Posted on April 21, 2019 at 7:26 pm

      Thank you very much. Be on the look out for the next post 😊


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